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Betting sites offer some privileges to their customers. Each betting site has its own unique opportunities and it is often difficult to find bonuses that satisfy users. Bonuses given by Olympia Bet site collects all bet lovers on this site. We will talk about the repayment Bonus system, one of the exclusive bonuses of the site.

What is Betting Bonus

Bonus; It is the general name given to the gifts or privileges you received in exchange for the money you invested in the world of betting, or for your registration. These bonuses may vary according to the amount of money you have deposited. (1 cümle eksik)

Each betting site can have its own bonus rates and bonus types. In general, these bonuses are classic and low rate bonuses on most bet sites. These bonuses, which do not satisfy the users, are not preferred for most customers. However, Olympia Bet has become a center of attraction for bet lovers with its bonus types.

111 percent Welcome Casino bonus, which is not available on any site, is a bonus type you can only see on The 50% bonus given in sports betting and a bonus gift up to $1500 in VIP casinos are very rare privileges. Such options, reliability and variety of games make Olympia Bet one of the best betting sites.

Refund Bonus

Users who place their first bet are entitled to a full refund of up to $ 40. (40 Euro, 1000 UAH, 2500 RUB or 15200 KZT depending on the currency played). There are some conditions to take advantage of this bonus. In sports bets, valid at odds above 1.70, this bonus is valid at odds below. Race bets are not included in the refunds. There is no refund in the races. In exchange for this service, which is valid only for sports betting, you will have the chance to get the repayment on the first bet. This bonus option is valid for bet lovers who deposit 10 dollars or more during registration.

You can access all the necessary additional information from the Bonuses page or you can get support by clicking the online customer representative button at the bottom right of the site.

What are the Bet Types?

We talked about bonus types, but these bonus types do not apply to all types of bets. Each bet type has its own bonuses. Not all betting sites may offer bonuses of all types. Betting site that gives a refund bonus may be a betting site that does not give other types of bonuses. Olympia Bet, on the other hand, is a betting site where customer satisfaction and security measures are at the highest level, giving gifts and bonuses for each type of bet.

On the Olympia Bet site, bets can be played on dozens of sports, including e-sports, especially football and basketball. It is possible to play virtual sports betting and virtual sports betting. The service that Olympia Bet users are most satisfied with is the Casino section that includes more than 300 games. In addition, the live casino feature where you can bet instantly is offered to users. Baccarat, BlackJack, Carribean Stud Poker, Casino Hold Em, Extreme Texas Hold Em, Moneywheel, and Roulette are the types of games that you can follow live.

For those who wonder which bonuses are valid in which type of bet, the Promotions page has the necessary explanations. 111% welcome bonus and up to $1500 VIP casino bonus are only valid for casino games and valid for initial deposits. It is not valid for subsequent transactions. VIP bonus is valid for 5 transactions in the first week. The 50% bonus valid for sports betting is, as the name suggests, suitable for sports betting and is not valid for other types. The refund bonus can be used for other sports betting except races.

Olympia Bet is the site where you can get a refund at the highest prices among Betting Sites. To take advantage of these incredible opportunities, you can become a member by clicking the Get Started button in the upper right. Join the world of today and make the most of opportunities that only members can enjoy. Enjoy your bets with welcome bonuses that you will not find anywhere else.

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