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There are some extra features that betting sites offer to attract users.  The most preferred of these is the welcome bonus.  This one-time bonus for new registered users varies on each site. In this article, we will talk about the incredible bonus opportunities of Olympia Bet, which is the best among the casino sites offering welcome bonus.  You will not be able to believe the opportunities olympiabet has given, as it is one of the rare sites that gives a higher amount of bonus to its users than the main money it deposits.

Welcome bonus

As it is valid on bet sites, Bonus is the name of the general privileges that the bet site gives its users.  The welcome bonus is the amount of money the site gave us as a gift while registering on the bet sites.  This bonus can be a fixed value to anyone who participates, or a percentage that varies depending on the amount invested. In addition, this deposit may vary depending on the game type.  A bonus amount for a casino may not be the same as a bonus for sports betting.

Consider a betting site that gives a 50% bonus.  When you deposit 10 euro, the site gives a 5 euro bonus.  The amount of money in your safe increases by 50% once.  Do you think it is enough?  With its incredible Casino welcome bonus, Olympia Bet has a very important place among the Top-Rated Bonus Casino sites.

The highest casino bonus

With its incredible welcome bonus figure, OlympiaBet is the Highest Welcome Bonus Betting Site.  There is exactly 111% starting bonus.  This means that you will earn 111 euro as a gift for the 100 euro you will deposit initially!  When you deposit 100 euro, you will find 211 euro in your case.  With this feature, Olympia Bet is the betting website that gives the highest welcome bonus as a casino bonus.

Some restrictions regarding this feature have been transferred to users by Olympia Bet.  The bonus is valid for a maximum of 100 euro.  If you deposit 200 euros in the game, your bonus will still be 100 euros ** shouldn’t this be 111 euros?. In short, you will be rewarded with a gift worth 111 euro for all your first casino investments of 100 euro or more

Considering over 300 different new Casino games, you can try every game with such a welcome bonus. Considering the variety of games and the bonuses it gives, olympia Bet is among the best Casino sites.  You can find popular games such as Slot machines, card games, roulette and poker, as well as amazing games like Hitman, Game of Thrones.

Live Casino Bonus
Another concern is whether welcome bonuses are also valid for live casinos games.  Popular casino games such as Baccarat, BlackJack, Carribean Stud Poker, Casino Hold Em, Extreme Texas Hold Em, Moneywheel, Roulette can be played live on the olympiabet site.  With live connection, bets can be placed in real time in company with the croupier.  The welcome bonus privilege you have received can also be used in these games.

Betting Sites That Give Welcome Bonus

There are other privileges that Olympia Bet offers to its valuable users. These privileges vary depending on the bet type and are also available some bonuses in standard level.  There is no other bet site that offers so many bonuses among betting sites.  Olympiabet users have many privileges.  They get some of the money that they lost in their first bet.  In sports betting, they have a bonus of 50%. VIP Casino members can get a bonus of up to 1000 USD in the first weeks.

You can safely play games on our betting site, which has hundreds of game types and users from all over the World.  You will enjoy safe and fun betting with sports betting, Virtual Sports, Casino and live casino options.  Olympia bet, which is the site that gives the most bonus among 100% reliable sites, is also one of the betting sites that has the most casino game types.

What you need to do to bet online is pretty simple.  You can find the games that suit you best by visiting, which is one of the best betting and casino sites in the world. You can spend hours without getting bored among hundreds of varieties and discover many different ways to make money.

Visit the Promotions page of the Olympia Bet site, the leader among the Top Welcome Casino Sites to see all bonus types. To have privileges and start playing immediately, just click the Get Started button and become a member.

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